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I made a short story last night.

Listen it guys.

One sysadmin was believe in God and do pray every day before going to sleep.
And he was so curious and funny man.
Once he did joke and tried to say some Linux commands in his praying. And he suddenly has seen the flamed words at the top of the wall and it was pretty look like a Linux console!

He said some such words which people usually say when they are very amazed. And that words was printed by fire chars at the those console.
"Oh" he thought "I can rule the Gods System! Could I improve my life by this and rich my goals?"
But he couldn't as he discovered - his rights was as restricted as rights of guest user and version of the system was on a few major revisions higher than a highest revisions in Linux community and all known bugs and backdoors was fixed.

And when he saw that, he received the message from the Admin of the system: "Do all by yourself".

And than he was kicked from the system and he fall a sleep immediately.

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... but who are you?

Last day I was got the message about that my password may be was used by other people to try to enter into my Skype login! 

It restricted them by the Skype security but I was been must change my password to prevent another attack. 

Well, I changed it quickly and questioned my self how it could been, how the other people could take my enough complicated password. 

I no have any idea except one that they hack my second mailbox which I still use to Skype account. 

Well, I changed password there too. 

But is am I in safe?

And who is was been?

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Microsoft fault

What wrong with Microsoft company?
They develop very beautiful applications in one case and terrible waste shit in other. Why is it such strange?

Look at one example: the main product of Microsoft to developers is Microsoft Visual Studio. Ok. The standard tool for search and install applications in Microsoft Windows 10 is Microsoft Store. It like a Google Play or Apple Store, not that?

So and if I going to buy one program for Android I go to the Google Play and same thing for Apple applications, right?

And if I need the Microsoft Visual Studio and if I search it in the Microsoft Store it found. Obviously. 

And when I click on it then what? Suddenly will open my browser and show me the page of that program!

Hey, men, I could do it with Google Search! Why you put this piece of some unusable to your pretty operation system if I can't buy your main product with it?

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Take what you like!

Today I am interested by this fact I like to watch the videoblogs about journey and so on and suddenly transpired that I can understanding it on English! It's a brilliant I inspired it I can improving my language skill with having fun!

It obviously but so sudden! :) 

And well at the summer we intend to attend some country in Europe. We still not chose which we want more. 

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Do you want to talk about robots?

I want to.
And I want it because one is presented to my eldest dougther on New Year's night.
Be honestly it apeared the constructor from the China with four wheels and motors and other parts and there is mounted Arduino mini computer to rule those kit.
Oh this was very interested building it with my children and explain how it will works. 

Some sadly things appeared when we was trying to start it. 

At first that system was not work because in the parts included invalid type battery holder for elements AA type unlike elements 14500 which needs to this system. 

Well we soldered bunch of elements AA type to connector with wires and the system started then. 

And after that we managed to upload some program samples to the Arduino's board and wrote a simple code to some maneuvers for this machine. 

But at second the main sample to connect robot to smartphone by bluetooth channel was not works properly and not connected. 

And we decided then to learn how to write a code to use a ultrasonic sensor which mounted to the front of machine. 

But in this case we again faced to troubles and when we was once again uploading a code to the board the program returned to us a frightening message about that fact the Arduino has some critical error.

That was very sadly and disappointing but it was a challenge!
And now I can say I did it! 

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Today I had some sadness because in the game ATLAS my ship is drowned by unknown user with using a new cheat as I understand.
I lost my liked old ship and many of resources and I'm very sad and disappointed .

The cheat is when the other player's ship is stand close the shores where you can build structures and there is not many deep under that ship you can build the pillar under the bottom of the ship and it can destroying the vessel even you play on the PVE server and even if that ship was anchored and you can loot the remnants.

Well is the game but if you play on PVE server you can wait the some safety from the other players if you carried out minimal therms of security. Sad. But true. It is a very early access game and it issue should by forgiven from by me.

Uhh... But what the fuck!!! :(


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Yeah the New Year holidays in Russia goes to end.

And tomorrow I'll go to work. Sadly. But I had have a lot of fun in this days.
Mostly times I was play for new Atlas MMO with no attention to my butt which was so tired to sitting so much time. 

I am got a lot of fun with this game. And I learned a Simple Passive Voice in English as you can noticed :) 

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Congratulation for New Year 2019!

Congratulation for New Year 2019!
Hello there! I love you all and granting the best greetings to all!

Well the NY2019 is came here with hundred sorts of alcohol and of salads. We all got some stoutness and some of us get headache every morning in this days. It is a signs of this holidays in Russia and surround post USSR countries.
And one more thing is a small and big and various firework things.

And couple of words about those things. One our friend was some injured from such bad thing. What was deal I'll tell you. The small company of our friends was walks at yards in New Year night and was meet a strange man with dismal face. He was walks by with a bunch of big firecrackers and blasts up some of them or gave some other to  passersby. And he gave one that thing to one our friend. 

Then my friend tried to fire up this with sparkler which was fired in that moment and that squib immediately was blasted directly in his hand! It blast smashed to pieces the glove and  broke the finger! God blessed him in that night because all the fingers in hand was injured but all was remained on places.

At the end all was be good the doctor examined their hand and impose bandage and we went to the our holiday tables.

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The memories

Today  I trying to sum up my memories about this year and to do it I watching my photos at year 2018.
Much influence for me did pictures from Ukraine.
We was met my lovely city Ivano-Frankivsk in the begin of June.
We took our children to travel and they saw the place of my sweet child memories and attended the grave of my loved Mam.
The children was very impressed.
They both love the Ukraine too as I and as my lovely spouse.
Also we saw Kiev and Lviv.
In the Kiev I saw a best touchable zoo of all. This is a best because there are only usual human pets such as the ducks, gooses, sheep, goat, donkey.
They did live with humans thousands of years, they are not wild animals and touching of humans not hurt them.
And the attendees can't hurt to these animals if they are a silly child cause those animals is adult and enough big.
And curios thing about this zoo on entrance you not have to pay but can buy a some food to feed animals if you want.
The seller informed us about that animals not hungry and we have to buy food only if we want to feed they to fun.
And the curios thing is those food got to us in the special cup which to animals eatable too.
We attend many places in those cities and we met many people and everywhere they was pretty nice and...
I crying when I remembering about silent war which my country provide to Ukraine for four years.
I remembering about thousands killed people and thousands refugees and I crying.
Why I can't stop that and resurrect they dead humans?
That pain with me for this four years.
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NY 2019 comming soon

Hello there all!
Well the New Year holiday so nearer and nearer!
In our company all involved to planning this.
What we going to eat.
Who where celebrates that holiday.
What gifts and how will be prepared.
And so on.
I'm going to describe what great and remarkable things I did or saw this year.
This task intended to mostly remember this year.
Because this year is only one on in our life and in a humanity history.
And it deserved to remember in any case.
When I be old this record may be valuable to me.