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Everyday info what you so waiting!

Ooooh happy gods you are never get tiring I would like to think.
So but I got my packet from the post.
And I cared to my new electro-fat-bike.
I tuned some things and I can ride to work on it tomorrow.
What so more?
Yes now I can sit and play the tanks some time!
PS: And of course I wrote it blog-post :)


About the one loved game

Do you like play games?
A'm very like!
And today I would say about one computer game.
That about crafting anything what need to your game character and about surviving when you surrounded by giant dinosaurs and so small of they but not less dangerous.
And at last that about taming they dinosaurs by you and about caring for that your minions and using they to the anything works what you need.
And about unusual science which so powered like a magic.
That game names ARK Survival Evolved.
It's a MMO game which you can to play with up to fifty other gamers.
With your personages on the island where you will have to be will living a many creatures from the small and pity a Dodo birds up dire Tirex and other giants.
But at first time when you will wake up bared on the sand from couple of steps from the ocean waves and with strange hitech implant it your wrist that most small of predators easily kill you.
And when you die then once again you will wake up on the that seaside with strange implant in your wrist and again and so more.
You must learn how getting harvest a materials and how create cloths and tools and weapon and how build your first home to protect you from the weather and from the small beasts.
Much later you can have a big castle to your and your friends and your army of tamed beasts.
And than the time will come.
Time when you go to know about what is the implant in your body and who was place you all to this strange island all paths from the which is closed except one.
Well yes I so love it game!

Power of the thunder!

There are my own holiday and now I will say about what is it!
Well yesterday I was speak about a outdoor activities and a roller skates.
But I was not tell about my latest passion and it is a fat-bikes.
That thing is like as ordinal mountain bike but it have a very wide tires about four inches and more.
Accordingly it have a some wide frame details to set up a so wide wheels.
That bikes especially suitable to my current city Ryazan where so many sidewalks in inappropriate state so many defects and dirt on they and sometimes city roads do not have a sidewalks at all.
At last a fat-bike very usable to us.
Well and what about that holiday what I said about to?
Have to some more patience please I have would say a couple of words more.
And what did come to us at this month?
It's a winter and many of snow on the road and at the sidewalks.
And even on a thick tires it's very hard to move on it and to the work you will come so tired if you rode on the bike to.
But using a car when the winter is came with cold and snow it may be very difficult too.
And what the answer?
The answer is we will add a power electro motor to the fat-bike!
And today a tried my old bike with a electro motor!
And it been awesome it is a strong like a horse!


Some activities

Do you love any outdoor activities such a roller skates or bicycle?
I love a such things!
When I was twenty seven years old a suddenly thought about roller skates.
"Well" I had thought "When I was a child that I was live in the small city without the smooth sidewalks and there are no places to use roller skates and maybe my family was not have a money to buy it. But now I work to the rich web development company and I have some money and it this city many of wide and smooth pavements and why me not to buy this wonderful sports equipment?"
Such things I was thought one day.
But then I thought about that I'm not a sportsman at all and in school I had have a very low assessment by sport studies.
And I'm a stoutness old man with a family and I will be looks so ridiculous when I will have learn simply stay on my feet when I will bought and try to use that roller skates.
And that terrible thoughts comes to me at the days.
And every night when I was sleep I saw that as I sliding like a bird over pavements without any problems.
And it dreams was been so lovely!
And I was rob our family budget which was not so many full of money.
And try to fit that strange boots to my feet for three hours.
And I bought it. 
And before me still was stay many problems to learn.
But then I could fly like a bird.


Some volunteer activity.

Do you like to been a volunteer?
Sometimes I hate it. But now I do it. And almost hate in this time.
We teach ten children to programming. Boys and girls about seven or eight years old.
They learn Microsoft Codu Labs and this times children having learn Scratch.
Today they was complete studies.
Accordingly the program we taught our students to develop a small game.
That game was should consists from the one or two levels where players should rule the mouse trought the labyrinth to find a key to open a door and to eat the found meal. And the mouse have not be to caught by the cat which roam in the one passage.
"But it is a brilliant what wrong with it for you?" As you can say about my "hate".
Oh. I just so like to sleep at the morning and at the afternoon especially at weekends. But the studies I will attend at the 10AM Saturday. Today the ninth Saturday when I very tired and very need to sleep.
I hate be the volunteer.
But sometimes I start to think that it my duty and than do it.
That amusingly.


About the one popular game

There are one popular online game.
Almost every one in ex-USSR know it.
And in other countries are many people know it two.
Yes it is that game if you was think at this moment about the World of tanks.
It not a pretty realistic no matter what you thought when you thrown first glance on it.
No-no that real tanks not have hitpoints.
And one fact of breach the his body from the canon shot usually enough to stop it.
And most of the models in game was not have in real world or was very different from the game analogs.
But yet it is the most popular game in former Soviet Republics.
It have the best gameplay and I love play it sometimes for couple of months year to year.
Such I spent a lot of time and money I have no any regrets.


bad day to me

Time to time I tired at the work and other ways.
You know that when the troubles falls as snow from the roof directly on your head.
Well it is the such day.
At the work crashed a critical service in my zone of responsibility.
At the home was no water supply in the pipes and my children was quarreled with each other.
At the roads was very snowly and I spent a two hours and quarter wasted.
And... I managed to write it! Bingo!


The post of the hate

Hello there!
At last I will say a couple of words about the Fifth model of my beloved car model row it is Renault Espace.
Well I said many beautiful speeches about models from first to Espace IV and now what wrong with Espace V?
And I answered only two propositions about that it not a minivan and it not a Renault Espace!
Damn I hate humans who made it!
Where my loved central digital console like a third and fourth models?
Where high roof and many space to the legs of passengers on a two back rows?
There are no sits which can be easy dismounted to provide a big place.
In that car you can not transport bicycle or two or a couple child strollers or a set of kitchen cabinets.
And you can't round the back chairs to have looking to back from they.
Where the many storages to throw some things?
And now I have question that where the high position to driver sit and the wonderful observe from it?
And I repeat it not is a Renault Espace it is Renault Error.
Bye-bye and I going to cry


What you know about the cats?

Yesterday I intend to tell you about Renault Espace V but today I not inclined to talk about it.

I will tell you something else. The cats.

My spouse have a small black dog wich name is Grenka and she is Scottish Terrier . Before that I didn't like cats and did not need a cat. Although I love the musical "Cats". They was so beautiful and graceful.
Any way she didn' care about what I like or not. She waited to a certain second and was jump out before the foots of my spouse with persistent meowing. She was needs to some food and warm and a dry mat or sofa or anything.
Small kitty colored as a turtle to black brown and some of white color stains.
And who was may be leave it in the road mud when it so small and pity?
I would have monstrous diminished if I said that my dog was displeased and discouraged.
But when the dog was figured out that the cat not spoiled the life for her then she left the cat without any attention.
And then that cat was live in peace with us from that times.
And we named her Vishnya it means Cherry.

Well I told you a story but I was not tell about something black like a darknesses night who was wandered around and was looking to us with the yellow eyes from the dark.

See you soon!


Perfect of minivans

Hello-hello! And now is time to tell you what my friends of course knew of long time that what a minivan is best to me.
And to not waste the time I say it is a Renault Espace all model row without the last model five.
What you got with these models:
  1. Up to model III it cars makes in Belgium and each had body from the plastic what means in not inclined to rust. All the panels of body consists from a plastic surface upper the metal frame. The model III was best of the row because it have a special surface of the metal details.
  2. As I mention before you have a full sized chairs in all of these models. And all of the chairs in a second or third row can be dismounted and put back in any time. You will have a very sized flat floor when you removed last five chair from the cabin ant a high roof of course.
  3. It will be very mobile and speed car among the other minivans.
  4. The length of Espace is like a ordinal sedan and it very well steered in the city cars flood.
  5. And in the long road it perfect by speed and comfort.
  6. It has a very rare options that climate control with difference between both side of auto. You can like a very hot air but your right passenger maybe like a some cooled environment and both of you will be in comfort.
  7. These cars are very beautiful in my taste.
Well. And about that why Renault Espace V is not perfect minivan I will say you very soon. See you tomorrow :)



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